Doug Tomlinson


A proud Mac lover since before “Mac” and Apple” were synonymous, Doug’s office is practically a shrine to its history.

Posters of the “Think Different” campaign adorn his walls, and even relic computers are presented as art surrounded by his many Apple Consultants certifications and awards. His enthusiasm is palpable, and it’s a big reason why the Mac IT team follows him as their inspiring, fearless leader.

Doug had an early start working with electronics while enlisted in the army during Desert Shield / Desert Storm at 17. After being honorably discharged, he had a 13-year career with HEB where he helped facilitate many of the technology systems still in use today.  His role also included the training and support of over 50 field technicians throughout the state of Texas.  

In 2007, with the explosion of the iphone, Doug saw a huge need for Mac-specialized support and founded Mac IT Solutions.

He has since provided support to hundreds of customers and is the most highly recommended Apple Consultant in South Texas. Doug holds certifications and competencies as an Apple Certified Technical Consultant in OS 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.10 and iOS Mobility.

When he's not playing with the latest apple gadget, you can find Doug hanging with his wife Crystal mountain biking, camping, or just relaxing at home.

Daniel Martinez


He began his foray into the Mac world with an Apple IIc, Performa, Power Macs and found a love in graphic design. This eventually blossomed into a career with Apple Inc as a Business Specialist, working with businesses small to large.

Daniel holds certification as an Apple Certified Support Professional 10.10.

He brings his passion for problem solving, technical agility and business acumen to the team - always looking for ways to take Mac IT’s approach and service to the next level.

Tony Dominguez


Tony’s first taste of the Mac environment was back in the early 90s at school playing games on the Apple IIe. Tony's interest in computers and technology blossomed when his father brought home a Macintosh LC to finish his Master's thesis. Tony would spend hours playing Microsoft Flight Simulator, LoadRunner, or just messing around in MacPaint.

Years later, having acquired a knack for technology and engineering, he would later go on to pursue and receive a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from UTSA. In his spare time he enjoys staying up to date on the latest and greatest in technology, as well as anything aviation related.

Tony holds certification as an Apple Certified Support Professional 10.10.

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