Congratulations Mac IT Team!!

Mac IT Solutions is proud to announce that two of our technical support staff, Daniel Martinez and Tony Dominguez, have recently earned their certifications as Apple Certified Support Professionals.  Both Daniel and Tony came to our company with experience and a passion for all things Apple. We’re happy to say that our entire technical staff is now Apple certified and we couldn’t be more excited about this, and what it means for our clients!

Apple certification has its advantages. Both professionalism and increased productivity are marks of a person who has taken the path to certification. But, the road to certification isn’t an easy one. There are lots of details and facts to remember. The certification exam draws off your experience with Apple products and your thorough knowledge about all things Apple.

Apple certification is a unique recognition that not many technicians have. That’s because Apple Certification recognizes that the technician is completely knowledgable about the Mac systems that he has to maintain, demonstrating a competence and expertise with Apple products.

When you employ an Apple Certified technician, your business will reap the benefits of hiring someone with improved skills. This translates into an overall savings of company time and revenue as well as increasing your business proficiency and, potentially, profitability. If you use a Mac-based framework, the best thing to do is to get Apple Certified technicians to maintain and service your Macs.

Sure, you can probably take your Mac and business networks to technicians in the PC-world that have a general focus on technical work. But, you will run the risk of having someone who is not familiar with the Mac framework modify your settings or use inferior hardware. It is best to bring your Mac or network-of-Macs to an Apple Certified Support Professional.

Apple uses the same certification for its in-house technicians that our staff has. Bringing your Mac Network to Mac IT Solutions is just like contacting Apple itself. The difference is that we’re locally owned and operated. We’ve been in business since 2007 and we have a drive to see your business succeed. Check out our five-star reviews at Apple’s Consultant Network here:

As a business, this offers you the assurance that an expert staff of Mac enthusiasts are caring for your Macs and your network with lots of love. After all, we love our Macs!

You will find the market flooded with PC technicians. Apple Certified technicians are the few and the elite. They are the ones who have taken the extra step to become experts at what they love doing - servicing and caring for your Mac.

So, if you’re ready to have your Business take the next step in service and security, contact Mac IT Solutions today! We can be reached at (210) 767-3303 or email to schedule an appointment.