Can you get hacked? Yes.

Our lives live online. We hope that that combination of 8-10 characters, an upper and lower case letter, and numbers are enough to keep our important info safe. 

  This is going to serve as an initial guide to protecting yourself in this connected world. I am here to take you through a journey of tips and best practices to understand how to get the most out of your internet security.

Step 1 – Updates

  Developers update their apps for all sorts of reasons. Some of the main reasons they update are bugs and security vulnerabilities. Do you have a smart phone? Are you up to date? There are very few reasons you should still have that little red number on your App Store or Settings App. Take some time and run those updates. 

  This applies to your computers as well. Attackers exploit old browsers, old operating systems that are not supported anymore, PDF readers, Office applications, etc. Hackers are looking for the easies route. Don’t give that to them. 


Step 2 – Passwords

  What makes a good password? We have all of the stipulations and password requirements but as stated previously, we end up using the same combinations. We are creatures of habit. We have the tendency to come up with that one password and change it just enough to get by the “password expired” messages. We are lucky to live in a world of Apps for this. Password managers help develop complex passwords that can be kept under a figurative lock and key. You need to make that key complex as well. A best practice is making your master password a memorable passphrase with spaces and periods. Your available options for password managers are numerous but LastPass and 1Password are some of the more popular. 


Step 3 – Two Factor Authentication

  While a complex password is a great first step to security we can go one step further. Two Factor Authentication requires a numeric code that is sent to a second device, usually a smart phone, to allow you to login. If your site allows 2FA, use it, especially if it is important to you. There are sites that will give you the 2FA tool if the current site does not have it. does a good job at integrating into some, not all sites, to secure your login.


This is just a snippet of information you can do to make yourself more secure. Don’t make it easy to get compromised. Want to find out more?