Does your company have a Mobile Device Management policy?

mobile device management

Workplace mobility has become one of the highly sought-after characteristics of many job-seekers.  A list of the 100 top companies with work from home jobs was recently published by ( The list includes companies like Dell, Amazon, Humana, American Express, and, of course, Apple. Why has this trend increased year over year?


The ability to work remotely has unique advantages recognized by many employers. According to, when an employer offers a flexible work arrangement, employees are happier, leading to increased morale and higher retention rates. In addition to this, workplace mobility hits the bottom line by saving money that would have been used for more workspace. 

Years ago, workplace mobility meant company-issued laptops, Blackberries, and modems. Palm pilots were all the fad and email was the “in” thing. In 2007, that all changed with the introduction of the iPhone. Today, the remote office has become the “Bring-Your-Own-Device” (BYOD) phenomenon. In fact, BYOD is becoming CYOD (“Choose-Your-Own-Device). And today, the “Internet of Things” (IOT) is working its way into all aspects of life thanks to the Apple Watch and other wearables.

Think about this. If your company offers a flex job situation, your employees are not only taking work home, but they can be potentially, if not inadvertently, sharing this information with 3rd parties. Does your business have an effective Mobile Device Management (MDM) policy? What is MDM anyway?

MDM is the policy set forth by your company to manage all devices linked to your business. This policy includes the software, deployment, and execution that will be used in conjunction with your business’s workplace mobility standards. Without an MDM policy in place, your employee-owned iPhone or Apple Watch is a disaster waiting to happen. There are inherent risks when your business offers employees a remote work/BYOD/CYOD opportunity. Consider the following:

  • Insecure work data
  • Lack of control parameters
  • A lost or stolen device

With those risks and many more, your company needs to have an effective MDM policy that will present a unified strategy with strategic controls in place. MDM can help to ensure that your company’s information is kept safe, both on company and employee provided devices.

Mac IT Solutions offers MDM support so that you can focus on the day to day dealings of your business without worrying about the security of your data. Let Mac IT Solutions partner with you and assist with a customized MDM policy that will meet your business goals and ensure that the information you need to be kept secure will not fall into the wrong hands. 

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