Looking To Upgrade Your Office Computer
Network Within The Next 6-12 Months?
STOP! Don’t Get Spooked Into Spending Thousands
Of Potentially Wasted Dollars On That New Upgrade!

If you’re planning on refreshing, expanding or upgrading your computer network within the next 6 months, I’d like to show you a potentially far superior way to get the up-to-date computer network you need without the heavy costs, complexity and problems associated with most IT upgrades. In fact, we typically lower our clients’ IT upgrade and maintenance costs by X% and Y% while simultaneously:


Eliminating or drastically reducing system crashes, slowness, viruses and other annoying technical problems.


Delivering instant disaster recovery so you’ll never lose data due to a server crash, virus, hardware failure, disgruntled employee, fire or other data-erasing disasters.


Providing the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime on any device.

How Do We Deliver These Results?

By utilizing smart, efficient cloud computing technologies, we not only simplify IT for your company, but also free you from having to purchase, install and maintain complex, expensive IT systems in house.

Free Cloud Readiness Assessment Shows You How To Scare Away That Big Fat Expensive Server Upgrade Bill

At no cost or obligation, we’ll come to your office and conduct a thorough review of your computer network, backups and technologies. We’ll analyze how you’re working right now and what areas are giving you the most problems. From there, we’ll show you a simple, cost-effective plan for upgrading your network to the cloud versus the traditional on-premise server and network you currently have.

Even if you decide NOT to move your network to the cloud, you’ll find the information that we share with you to be extremely valuable and eye-opening as you make future decisions about IT.

Claim your FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment to find out!

  • Whether or not your current business computing requirements are the right fit for moving your network to the cloud.
  • What considerations your business must overcome before you jump ship to cloud computing (there are a lot of factors to take into account).
  • How much you can really save by moving your computer network to the cloud.

It’s FREE! This “Treat” Comes With No “Tricks” Attached!
However, because each Cloud Readiness Assessment takes 4-5 hours to complete and deliver, we must limit this offer to businesses with at least 10 PCs and a Server.

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Macs might be inherently “safer,” but only if you take the necessary steps to actually make them safer.

Specifically for doctors and lawyers, if client information falls into the wrong hands, or if HIPPA comes knocking on your door and finds you out of compliance, the consequences can be devastating to your business.

Protect your company with a Cover-Your-Assets Plan

We know you are more concerned with your patients’ health or winning your clients cases-- as you should be! But you aren’t truly protecting them if their private information is in danger of being stolen.

Find out where you are vulnerable, what you can do to protect yourself, and what if any extra security measures you should take to protect your business against threats with a Cover-Your-Assets Plan. We'll evaluate your entire system for vulnerabilities and then give you tangible steps to take to protect yourself moving forward.


up to 10 users



Get a list of things you can do right now to save your ass in the future with a Compliance/Hippa Audit for lawyers, financial managers, law firms and financial firms.






Want to increase productivity by up to 50% in the workplace in one easy step? Most Tech savvy companies aren’t utilizing the most valuable productivity tool of today.






Want to increase productivity by up to 50% in the workplace in one easy step? Most Tech savvy companies aren’t utilizing the most valuable productivity tool of today.