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Employee Termination 

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New Hire

Network Problems?

Let's see what we can do about it!                                                                                                                                                                                  Help us narrow down your network issue by submitting the information below


The challenge with troubleshooting a network is there are many variables. Potential contributors to slow network performance include:

  • Speed of your Internet — upload and download speeds. If you want to see what your current speed is, launch Self Service and run Internet Speed Test (you'll also have the option to open a support request at the end of the test).
  • The number of users on your network, the number of network consuming applications they are using, and yes, streaming music or videos can be a big culprit.
  • The age of the device being used. Older devices simply can't process as quickly.
  • Local wireless speeds.
  • Local wired network speeds.
  • The software in use. Is it up-to-date, crashing or having a central, cloud-hosted network issue?
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Or let us know, "It's the same problem I reported last time — see existing or previous ticket." Is it a video, audio or phone issue?
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Date problem occurred.
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Time problem occurred.

Opening new location? Office move? Upgrading hardware?

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Will this project require you to change or upgrade the hardware for any servers, workstations, displays, external storage, or mobile devices?
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Will this project require you to change or upgrade the software on any servers or workstations?

Information needed from sit-down Project Meeting with client

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Build project overview in Project Ticket Build Sub-Tickets with Tasks and assign those tickets to individual engineers
Build estimated timeline for completion of each project phase Define who will update client on changes or delays
Ensure each task has an owners & they have been made aware Clearly define which tasks you own & which task others are responsible for

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How are we doing?
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